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Tormach Compatible Subplates

Tormach Compatible Subplates


The Tormach Company builds several somewhat proficient CNC mills. Many home hobbyist and small business men use them. We are proud to offer Tosa Tool Modular Tooling Plates for use with them. Standard sizes are listed in the drop down menu. All steel plates are ground by our steel supplier and precision machined at our state of the art facility in Stoughton Wisconsin. Please see our FAQ pages for questions on materials and machining specifications and tolerances for our products. All of our Modular Fixturing Plates are now serial numbered, QC documented and must pass our 15 point inspection before leaving our facility and come with a certification of quality assurance.  Pick your machine, then available designs for it from the pull down menu below and add the options that suit your needs. If you need a custom size, modular design or a special fixture or component please Contact Us.

Options and Accessories

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At Tormach, our mission is to empower people who make things. We are dedicated to providing exceptionally engineered compact CNC machines, tooling, and related products with best-in-industry technical support and customer service. Our focus is to help our customers turn their concepts into reality by providing the tools and information that help them be successful with CNC. Our flagship products are our PCNC, or Personal CNC, series of machine tools. PCNC mills have become the CNC machine of choice for inventors, small/boutique manufacturers, garage entrepreneurs, product developers, hobbyists, educators, and people who make things around the world.

Here at Tosa Tool we have worked with many Tormach PCNC owners over the years and many report excellent results with their machines. We are proud to offer components that are designed to fit the Tormach machinery exactly. (We also own and still use machine #75 daily. Purchased in 2005)

Additional information

Your Mill

PCNC 1100 Series1/2/3, 1100M and 1100MX, PCNC 770 Series 3, 770M and 770MX, PCNC 440

Available Subplates

TT1100VMS, TT1100XMC, TT1100XPH, TT1100MC, TT1100PH, TT770MC, TT770PH, TT440MC, TT440PH


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