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Coolant Mister

Coolant Mister


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Coolant Mister by Tosa Tool:
Stick it to your mill, stick it to your lathe, stick it to your saw, stick it to your grinder, stick it to your drill press, I DO!
* 6′ of Air Hose
* 4′ of Coolant Hose
* Double Adjustable Coolant and Air
* Heavy Duty Magnet with 60 lbs pull
* Coolant Filter and Float
* 1/4 NPT Air Line

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I have been using one of these in my shop for quite awhile and the other day it dawned on me to offer it to my customers as well. This increases tool life in my prototype shop. I use it frequently at the drill press, lathe, saw, grinder and the Tormach®.

One end in a bucket of coolant, the other hooked to the air supply and these babys will save you a ton of money, time and headaches. On the Tormach® I use it mainly with Aluminum to blast the chips out of the way and give the tool some lubricity. On the lathe I generally turn up the Coolant a bit to keep things under control. On my Harbor Freight Cut off saw, I went from breaking the expensive Bi-Metal blade often to almost never. Saves me a fortune.

This is simply the best tool in your Hobbyist/Small Business Metal Working Shop, keeping the cutting tools cool and lubricated is the best way to make them last a long time and keep the mess to a minimum.

1 review for Coolant Mister

  1. nj strong weather forum

    Because coolant is not atomized into a fine mist, it will not float into the surrounding shop air.

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