Whether you are an a Kick Starter Pirate, inventor, an engineer or a college student working on an assignment, you need things made. Tosa Tool specializes in prototype parts. If you have a blueprint, a Solidworks file or even a sketch on a napkin, we work closely with you to bring your ideas to life.

Tosa Tool has worked for NASA, The UW-Wisconsin Bio-Technology Department, Carnegie Mellon University, the plastic surgeon who has a office down the street and countless other companies.

Our prototyping machinery capabilities include: Solidworks Workstations, CNC Programming Workstations, State of the art 3D printers, 3D Scanning, 50W CNC laser cutter, 4 Axis machining centers (up to 50 inches in x travel), Turning centers with up to 24″ swing, and wire EDM possibilities.  Show us a competitors quotation and we will meet or beat pricing. When you need a prototype part, think “Tosa Tool”.


SolidWorks Solid Modeling and BluePrint Drafting

Tormach Mil

Prototype CNC Mill Tormach 1100

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