Presale Information: Customer-Supplier Relationship

You have probably studied the product features closely and considered them in the context of your needs; but the issues are not limited to just the product specs. You should also know what you’re getting from your supplier in terms of ongoing support.

Tosa Tool Modular Fixturing Tooling Plates and the accessories are sold either direct, or through low overhead distributors. The tooling plates are stock, or built to order, and they are shipped from our shop warehouse inventory directly to your facility. Opening the crate and placing the Modular Tooling Plates on your machine in your facility is your responsibility, although we can provide suggestions. If a problem occurs with your Tosa Tool Modular Fixturing we will work with you providing phone support, documentation, and replacement parts until we get the issue resolved.

Direct sales and phone support is part of the equation that allows us to provide high value at low cost. The fixtures are designed for durability and simplicity, making problems rare and repairs easy. We do have factory technicians to send to your facility. We have a very strong interest in customer satisfaction, but keep in mind that it’s a two way street. As a supplier, we promise to carry through on our support policy. As a customer, you need to make sure that our support policy will work for you.

Ordering Your Tooling Plate and Accessories

Most people select a variety of accessories with their modular tooling plate. The basic procedure is to go online and add products that you want into your cart. You can then either go ahead and place the order using your credit card or PayPal or request a quotation. If you are purchasing a modular tooling plate, and your location is the lower 48 states your shipping is calculated online. If you are outside of the lower 48 states, then we prefer that you request a quotation first so we can accurately calculate your freight charges. If you purchase your tooling plate online without a quotation, you may be contacted by us to determine your additional freight charges before your order is processed.

Please see our Products webpage for more details or to place an order.

Modular Plate Delivery

Orders that are being shipped to the US or Canada are normally delivered in two shipments. Any accessories, Clamps, standoffs and accessory plates you have ordered will be delivered via USPS and the Modular Fixturing Tooling Base Plates are delivered via Fed Ex Ground freight, though it may be possible to pick up your order right from our warehouse if you have your own truck. International shipments, other than Canada, are completed with freight forwarding companies. Tosa Tool will provide a quotation for delivery to the US based facility of your freight forwarder, or your freight forwarder can arrange for pickup from our warehouse. Your freight forwarding agent works on your behalf and will insure a problem-free delivery to your facility. They are familiar with all the details of shipping, customs clearance, port operations, and local delivery in your company.

Receiving and Installation

Your Modular Tooling Plate will be delivered in a crate. When you purchase both the Modular Tooling Plate and accessories from Tosa Tool, they will be shipped separately.

After you remove your modular plate from the crate you need to have two people to lift and mount the plate to the table of your CNC machine as most of our plates are between 75 and 100 lbs.  However you decide to approach the issue, you must realize that you are 100% responsible for the safety of the operation and any equipment damage. This responsibility must be taken seriously. Risky practices or operations that are not well thought out can damage your tooling plate, your equipment, and risk life & limb of everyone involved. If you need professional assistance to position or install your tooling plate, look for a professional rigger. Listed under “riggers” or “machinery movers,” these people have the skills and tools needed for moving heavy machinery.

No Payments + No Interest if pain in full in 6 months