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6 Inch Modular Vise

6 Inch Modular Vise


The Tosa Tool 6″ Modular Vise System. A vise that is as big as your modular plate will allow. Easily grip your work piece with our G-NOB .05″ low profile clamping system, use the vise with parallels, or use your existing 6″ Kurt® style vise jaws.  Extremely versatile vise system for all of your modular clamping needs. Not quite as strong as a Kurt Vise, but infinitely more adjustable. Works with all 1.25″ hole pattern modular fixturing tooling plates.

Pat Pend #04812



When our customers asked us for a low profile vise that worked with our modular designs, we went to work. For many months we considered all of the current vise products out today and also all of the low profile clamping solutions we could find.

Low clamping was very important, and our .05″ G-NOB solution sets the bar.

We also knew that the 6″ Kurt® style Angle Lock is the most widely used milling vise and compatibility with that was paramount.

Lastly, separate components allow the vise to become as large as your modular plate giving you unlimited possibilities and strong clamping strength.

This is our Modular Vise: Simple Design, Hardened Tool Steel Components Ground to Precision Tolerances, Simple To Maintain, Extremely Durable, and Individual Replaceable Grippers all at a Easy To Justify Price.

6″ Modular Vise Features:

  • All Tool Steel Construction,Hardened and Precision Ground To Size
  • Simple Sturdy Design Insures Long Life and Easy Maintenance
  • 1.5″ Jaw Stroke
  • Mount it FAST with our 562 Locating Screws or mount it with .500 dowel pins and cap screws
  • G-Nob .05″ Low profile Clamping – 4 included
  • 1.75″ Height
  • Accepts Standard 6″ Kurt® Style Vise Jaws (use all of your existing jaws!)
  • Works With Standard 1.25″ Hole Pattern Fixture Plates
  • Comes Fully Assembled in a Storage Box

Additional information

Weight11.5 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 1.75 in


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