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Floating Push-Stop

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Floating Push-Stop


The Tosa Tool Floating Push Stop is designed to add horizontal pressure where you need it, lock the workpiece in place, or add a adjustable stop in a unlikely position on your modular plate.

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The Tosa Tool Floating Push-Stop is designed to add a horizontal component to your modular fixturing. I have used items like these for many years. I often add one to act as a clamp, holding my workpiece in place on the horizontal plane. Sometimes referred to as a “Kick Stop” or a “Kicker” this item makes sure that if the pressures get to great your work piece wont slide. It also works great as a stop where ever you want it, always great to have 2 or 3 sitting around, comes in very handy for 1 piece jobs.  Comes with all components as shown.


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