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IP-67 Keyboard / Mouse for Tormach® Control

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IP-67 Keyboard / Mouse for Tormach® Control


IP67 Class Industrial Keyboard

  • Included mouse touchpad
  • Mach3 and PathPilot conpatible
  • Fully sealed, dishwasher safe
  • PS2 connections free up USB
  • Integrated calculator style number pad
  • Easy touch keyboard reminiscent of Fanuc style controls
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IP-67 Keyboard / Mouse for Tormach® Control. After running my PCNC1100® for several years and going through a few keyboards, I came upon these sealed IP-67 keyboards. These are water, coolant, oil, chips, and dust proof wonders. The integrated mouse touchpad gets that clumsy mouse off of your control as well. Retail Price is over $300. I liked mine so much I bought several cases for my customers and pass the savings to you. PS2 connections free up your USB slots for more important things. I have never replaced mine. When it gets dirty, I put it in the dish washer.

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