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Modular Plate Mat

Modular Plate Mat


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Tosa Tools’ Modular Magnetic Mats are the perfect idea to keep your modular plate clean and free of debris! These come in a 12″x 24″x.06″ sheet and they “stick” just the right amount to stay adhered to your steel modular tooling plate. These come white, black or printed with your personal or company logo on them! Choose your options and order one for your modular tooling plate today! Email with your artwork after you order if you choose the LOGO printed option, Dan suggests buying 2 so you have enough material to cover your plate for all your setups. Water / oil / dust proof. Long lasting mats.


These mats are designed to take all sorts of abuse, they are lightly magnetic and stick to your STEEL modular plate very well, keeping the chips and sludge out of the holes in your Tosa Tool modular plate. Order them in White or Black or printed with your personal / company logo! These mats come 12″x 24″ and are .06″ thick. They can be very easily cut with a scissors or a razor blade to fit whatever areas you need. I suggest buying 2 so that you have enough coverage for multiple setups on your machine.


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