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 You CAN Make It, We can show you how

Todays entry level CNC machines provide an unparalleled opportunity to the small business entrepreneur, hobbyist or inventor needing specialized parts or prototypes by offering CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machining quality and reliability while keeping startup costs low. These machine builders continually strive to bring their customers outstanding and innovative products while keeping the price tag within reach for ordinary people and small business, and advances in documentation and customer service are excellent. We respect those efforts.

Tosa Tool LLC is a comprehensive choice to help you turn your ideas into reality using a entry level CNC. Located in Stoughton, WI , Tosa Tool partners with you to get your projects on your new CNC machining center up and running as fast as you can tell us the specifications.

Tosa Tool purchased their first Tormach PCNC1100® in 2005 for our owners home prototype shop. Soon after we began helping entry level CNC owners all over the country with Tooling, Fixtures, Programming and general machining assistance. In the years since we have helped hundreds of entry level CNC owners get their projects out of their dreams and into reality.

Our line of Modular Fixturing products began as an aid to Tosa Tool customers who use entry level CNC machines, allowing them to setup complex jobs quickly and easily. It has grown into a fairly popular product for owners of many brands of CNC machines. large and small. We continue to introduce new modular accessories and expand the line.

Our line of entry level CNC Services has grown as well. When we began we offered simple advise and help with programming. Our offerings have been tuned over the years as obvious changes needed to be made and our capabilities continue to grow.

CNC Services / Compatible Products

Tosa Tool Guarantee on CNC Services

  1. You will receive a contract. If your request for aid is accepted (our scheduling policy dictates workload) and it is not a pay by the hour service, you will receive a quotation in the form of a PDF file that will state exactly what we will accomplish, the price for these services, and the date they will be completed by us. This is our contract with you.
  2. Your Project will be on time. We understand that you have deadlines and when you hire us it is because you need things done in a timely manner. If for some reason we are late, you can expect us to refund part of your monies depending on the severity of the situation.
  3. The Price We Quote Is the Price You Pay. We have the experience to make a detailed quote. We will not raise that price unless you change your requirements. You will always have a agreement in place.
  4. Your Idea Stays Your Idea. On the sidebar of our services pages you will find our standard Non-Disclosure / Non Compete. It is a PDF. Download it, sign it, and return it to us if we need to keep our lips shut about your work. We understand.
  5. Complex Solutions Deserve Instructions. We understand you are not a tool and die maker with 30 years of experience. That’s why you are here. When we build you a complex solution we will send you a instruction PDF along with it. Everytime. Usually your quotation will include several hours of on the phone or web-cam help as well.
  6. Quality Control. We have a QC department. If you have a complaint we will address it. Please refrain from contacting our advertisers and/or partners, they don’t have anything to do with our contract with you, nor do they have time and money to be polite about telling you so. If you have a complaint, please work with us. All communication will get a response within 24 hours maximum. We want you to be pleased with your solutions. Logs are kept and agreements are documented. You can relax at Tosa Tool. Email for answers to your quality questions.
  7. Project Wrap Up. As we conclude our business with you we will ask you to fill out a Tosa Tool Solution Complete Satisfaction Survey. In this form you will be asked to rate your satisfaction with services from our company that you utilized. This is for our records but we may share it with Tormach® and we may share quotes from it in our advertising.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Please give us all the information as soon as possible. We need to know up front how difficult it is going to be to manufacture your idea before giving you a quotation. Resist the urge to “hide the hard parts” until you get the quotation, so you can get a better price on the solution. Under our current ethics code new information will demand a new quote and new deadline.
  • Understand our payment policy. For quoted work we ask for 60% upfront. The balance before we ship. This is for our customers as well as us. We offer convenient credit card payments and easy secure online transactions. We are a small business that invests in people and innovation. We aren’t bill collectors, nor do we want to be.
  • Please make necessary requests. If the quotation states “we will revise your program 5 times at your request” only request changes if they are necessary, not just because you are “getting your monies worth”. We try to keep pricing as low as possible for our customers. Making these solutions is time consuming and costly.
  • Email is the best form of communication. Please try to resist calling Tosa Tool and making adjustments and requests. If you email us we have a immediate “paper trail” for your request.
  • Use business hours. We like to go home too! If you need late hours or weekend hours because you are restricted in some way, let us know beforehand so we can schedule it in.
  • Attitude is everything. It really is. Tosa Tool is a “Go Positive” organization. Much of our business is technically difficult, we use good manners and a “cup is half full” approach whenever possible. Please follow format when you can. It is contagious.