Early in January of 2018 we completed our new tooling package upgrade, this is something we ordered in September of 2017 and it has all finally come in. It includes the best drilling, boring, threading and milling equipment made currently for all 3 of our CNC mills, and it was not cheap.

As you may be aware we have hundreds of designs for mounting plates and fixtures for many machines. It very difficult to even begin to stock all of these items so that they are ready for shipping as soon as a customer buys them, but we are a customer driven company and early this year we came up with a method to reduce our reaction time by weeks! Plan implemented and we hope you appreciate the difference!

In 2017 we hired QC-Jerri to head up our quality control and customer service. She has been VERY helpful with our customers and now in the second month of 2018 she has completed her QC education at the local tech school! DOUBLE THREAT! She should be a BIG help in 2018. Between Jerri and myself we are offering 24/7 customer service, you should never wait more than a few hours (very late at night CST) for a response from our Customer Service team.

This month we are releasing new versions of some of our old products. CUSTOMERS SPOKE, WE LISTENED! We have made design changes. The old extension plates are getting a redesign and the vise plate selection is growing everyday. 4″ vises are getting more and more  popular, and we are making plates!

So, NEW Tooling, NEW QC, NEW Designs and hopefully some new shop hands soon. Always doing our best to serve our customers.