ABOUT 2017

It’s very hard to express how difficult 2017 was here at Tosa Tool. In January 2017 I decided to “go for it”, we had struggled with our current space for a long time and we simply couldn’t keep up in it with our orders and services. The decision was made to move Tosa Tool once again to larger quarters and add more machinery.

By the end of January my son and I had located some new (to us) machinery and a new location not too far from the old. The stage was set. We knew we had to move fast because orders kept arriving as we made the plans to move all of our Lathes, Mills, Grinders, Sandblasters, Heat Treating Ovens, and Tool Boxes to the new location. We needed to get setup fast and continue to provide quality services and products to our customers.

By the end of February it was clear that we did not leave enough room for all possible troubles. I think we had every single one, twice. Our new machinery needed more work than we planned, arranging the riggers and trucks and electricians and new parts and equipment all went (in my opinion) pretty rough. What dilemmas. Our customer service struggled because of it. The day to day problems seemed to drive us behind more and more every day.

I am not proud to say that some of the more difficult projects lagged far behind, custom parts were late and often customers were disappointed with delivery. We simply couldn’t get everything setup properly and keep up with the orders on time. I apologize to our customers who have suffered this year.

You deserve so much better. If you believe you have been wronged (or somehow forgotten) in 2017 and feel you deserve some reparations please contact our quality control manager at qc-jerri@tosatool.com

So, we start out 2018 with a newly completed shop and a refreshed dedication to our customers old and new, we truly owe you everything.


We start out 2018 with fresh commitments on our hardware and solutions deliveries. We have a new kanban system to handle our stock materials. This will allow much shorter lead times on parts we do not keep in stock similar to a Just-In-Time system that is popular in many job shops today. We also have a new accounting system that will help us route orders much more smoothly through our shop. As we add more and more products it is obvious that it is difficult for our newer employees to “get the hang” of things, these new systems will help them become more effective with their tasks (and speed our deliveries to you!)