Do-It-Yourself machinists are set to enjoy efficiency and economy with the launch of a new line of modular fixturing products from Tosa Tool . Engineered for small businesses, educational institutions and other clients operating small form factor CNC or Bridgeport style CNC knee mills, the Tosa Tool’s intelligent manufacturing work holding solutions are at the forefront of the maker revolution.

Where others see problems, Tosa Tool sees solutions in the form of cost effective plates and components designed to help operators achieve polished results. From professional projects to hobbyist creations, the robust modular tooling plates are must have companions for any maker who values time, quality and cash.

Designed to mimic the simplicity, speed and accuracy of our favorite childhood toy Legos, the modular tooling plates slash the time and effort required to setup CNC mills. Rather than build an entirely new fixture every time a part is revised or an adjustment is required, Tosa Tool arms impatient innovators with a perfect virtual workspace. The tooling plates allow makers to manufacture bespoke designs in their own facilities, at their own pace, at the best possible price. The plates categorically eliminate the need to commission third party manufacturers, saving creators both time and money. They also eliminate the need for dedicated fixtures, replacing it with flexibility, freedom and frugality.

The ‘maker revolution’ is rapidly sweeping the globe and Tosa Tool is at the vanguard of the trend. As an increasing number of entrepreneurs start to pursue engineering-oriented projects, the demand for CNC tools is skyrocketing. For DIY businesses, schools and hobbyists alike the Tosa Tool range of modular fixturing solutions is the key to achieving total precision and accuracy.

Dan Bye, owner of Tosa Tool says, “Tosa Tool is here to aid the maker revolution and arm small businesses, educational institutions and hobbyists with state-of-the-art equipment, precision engineered to make CNC mill operation a breeze.”

The range has been engineered to complement small business and hobbyist CNC mills from leading manufacturers such as Tormach, Novakon, Fadec and ProtoTrak. With a nod toward Tormach’s current dominance in this field, Tosa Tool has developed specific tooling plates for the Tormach PCNC 1100 and 770. These models are the company’s best-selling performers for prototyping, short run production, education and hobby CNC milling.

Stealing the spotlight this summer is the 3rd generation TT1634C Modular Tooling Plate designed exclusively for use with the Tormach PCNC1100. The model is the largest in the range and is crafted from ultra-robust Blanchard ground 4140 pre-hardened steel with a smooth finish for maximum flatness and parallelism. The practical design more than triples the accurate work space on PCNC1100 mills, to ensuring precise results on a larger scale. For small businesses on the search for flexible and affordable manufacturing solutions, the TT1634C Modular Tooling Plate is must have ammunition. California’s NASA Research Base has already endorsed the product and is currently using it to meet its prototyping needs.

Also new to the Tosa Tool range are the hobbyist “economy” models such as the TT1226ei. The hand chamfered, hand stoned and hand deburred plates are essentially a stripped down version of the TT1226C. This allows hobbyists to enjoy exceptional functionality and performance, without the professional price tag of high end models. Bye has also revealed that there are several new aluminium plates set to hit Tosa Tool shelves over the coming months.

Fast, easy and flexible, modular fixturing has been pegged as the standardized work holding solution to take over the manufacturing sphere. High schools, universities and other educational institutions wanting to equip students with the skills to front the next generation flexible fixturing movement will love the range of Tosa Tools Modular Tooling Plates and components.

For customers in search of custom modular fixturing solutions, Tosa Tool offers hourly consultation services ($55/hr). The non-sales conversations are conducted by a professional Machinist/CNC Programmer/Toolmaker with over 25 years of experience in CNC setup, programming and fixture design.




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Tosa Tool manufactures modular fixturing products for small businesses, educational institutions and hobbyists. The company works closely with every client to develop intelligent turnkey solutions designed to fast-track innovative concepts to the public market. The company was founded by Daniel W. Bye, a professional Programmer/Machinist/Toolmaker with a lifetime of experience in various manufacturing oriented industries.


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