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These plate repair and maintenance products are offered here to keep your Tosa Tool Modular plate in great shape and lasting as long as possible.

  • These flexible carbide ball brush hones and oil are the perfect fit to smooth and very slightly enlarge a troublesome bore.
  • Repair a damaged precision bored hole on your Tosa Tool Modular Plate with this KitBore or ream a .750" hole and press fit a bushing in your plate with this easy to use kitKit includes 5  bushings, 1 alignment block and 1 drive pin 
  • Do you have a Stripped hole on your Tosa Tool Modular Tooling Plate? Get it fixed quick with this HeliCoil Kit! Drill it out, Re-Tap the Hole with the included tap and Insert the HeliCoil with the included tool. 1,2,3!